A little bit about us

Mead Machining was founded in the corner of a warehouse in 2010 with a single CNC Mead Machining front officelathe. Today we are an experienced woman-owned business located in southern Orange County, CA. With our skilled staff of machinists we have created many unique components for the aerospace, fiber optics, and various consumer industries. Mead Machining takes pride in creating and maintaining long term, mutually beneficial working relationships with both our customers and suppliers. It's all about your vision, and we are here to help in making it happen.

How we do it - flexible manufacturing

Flexibility at every step of the way has proven key to our success. Not only can our machines perform a vast array of CNC turning and milling operations, but our people and business model are just as flexible. We may be small, but our size affords us rapid RFQ response, short lead times, over 95% average OTD, strong relationships with our suppliers, and 100% traceable operations. Most importantly, any requirement you have of us, quality-related or otherwise, can be quickly and painlessly implemented into our standardized operations.

Quality commitment

We are completely committed to quality and continuously improving the way we do things. We understand that quality management goes far beyond measuring manufactured parts off the line, so quality has become central to all business process here at Mead Machining. You can learn more about our QMS here.