Machine Shop Services Lathe 2 turret

At Mead Machining we provide the highest value machining possible to our clients. All parts are made exactly to your requirements, and our rigorous QA processes make sure of it. Our company started with a single CNC lathe which makes small, tight-tolerance turned parts the pride of Mead Machining. Our services do not stop there and we provide milling services as well up to 4 axis. We employ experienced personnel in both machining and QA and make us of state of the art, multi-axis machining and inspection techniques. All of this is backed up by a quality management system.   We can machine a vast array of materials, but our specialty is in:
  • Aluminum (6061, 2024, 2011, 7075)
  • Carbon steel (1117, 1045, 1215, 1144)
  • Stainless steel (303, 304, 316, 416, 15-5, 17-4)
  • Aircraft alloys (4130, 4140, 4620, 51000)
  • Copper (110, 145, 182)
  • Brass (353, 360, 385, 485)
  • Plastics (PEEK, Ultem®, Delrin®, PVC, Nylon)
  You can view our equipment listing here.   While we are a highly flexible shop with a wide range of capabilities, we cannot do it all. We do not engage in design, metal finishing, or grinding, but we select only the best suppliers for these special processes. We ensure that your quality requirements are upheld during any outsourcing activity as well as for all raw materials purchases as well.   A few of the parts made here at Mead Machining can be seen below. For the fully gallery click here. Fork EndsSaddleDisc